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Michelle Greene Rhodes


Life coach. Mentor. Business Consultant.

Michelle Greene Rhodes is known as THE Life Coach and Business Consultant for Nurse Entrepreneurs.
Inspired by her passion, she assists Health Professionals who struggle with the “start-up” phases of their business. She helps them free up their time and find a purpose filled life of their own by streamlining the first steps of entrepreneurship.

Michelle graduated Nursing school at age 21 from Florida A&M University and completed graduate school at 27 from University of Central Florida with her Masters in Health Administration.  She has gone to enjoy a 20 year career in Nursing and has decided to enter into entrepreneurship and take a few others along the way! Described as an intellectual and compassionate caregiver, Michelle conveys caring, empowerment and optimism in everything that she does.  Many nurses over the years have stated they learned so much from Michelle and enjoyed being around her encouraging personality.

Having become a Certified Mentor and Life Coach, she decided to immerse herself in servant leadership, giving back to those who need in the most while starting up a business.  “So many times and I had 1000 questions and very few answers”, states Michelle.  I knew this was a problem that needed to be filled because we as nurses are taught how to care within our specialty, but if you are lucky you will find a Veteran nurse to help you find the answers that you need on your personal journey to entrepreneurship.”

Michelle is active on social media platforms with avid followers.
She is an author and speaker and released her first book on May 20, 2017 in Tampa, Florida at her first Annual Health and Wealth Brunch for Health Care Professionals.

Areas of Expertise
Business Consultant, Life Coach, Mentor for Nursing Entrepreneurs. 
Classes Authored
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