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How Pedagogy Can Help You Meet Your CE Requriements

For most states, the Board of Nursing requires a specific number of contact hours of continuing education every license renewal cycle, and some boards stipulate specific course content that must be completed, depending on your area of practice.  Course content and number of contact hours required for license renewal vary from state to state.

To check your state’s specific requirements – Click Here to view our State Boards of Nursing resource.

So, how can Pedagogy help you meet these requirements? There are three different routes that you can take when looking at our education, and really the best path for you depends on your situation.

1. Memberships – We offer both individual memberships and facility memberships. Memberships offer the most cost effective way to access the most contact hours.

How do they work?

You pay a one-time annual fee, and for a calendar year from your date of purchase you have 24-hour access to any of the classes in your membership library. You aren’t required to take them in a specific order, or on any time limit other than that they must be taken during the year. It’s as flexible as you need it to be.

Currently we offer a regular annual membership worth over 58 contact hours (on sale this month for $58 dollars - enter code FRIDAYCE at checkout) or an infusion specific membership worth over 42 contact hours of infusion specific education (on sale this month for $187 - enter code FRIDAYIV at checkout).

2. Course Packages – Course packages are bundled groups of classes that are offered at a 10% discount from their normal pricing (enter code FRIDAY10 at checkout). Some of the categories of course packages we currently offer are: Infusion Education, Respiratory Education, Correctional Healthcare, Holistic Education, Fall Prevention, Dementia, Diabetic Education, Thyroid Education, and more. The course packages range from 3 to over 30 contact hours, and can be a great way to customize the course list you want to take. Course packages are on sale for an additional 10% off through the end of November.

How do they work?

You purchase the course package for a one time cost, and all of the courses are made available in your course list. They will remain there indefinitely and you can take them at any time.

3. Individual Courses – As always we offer any of our courses as individual courses. The benefit to purchasing individual courses can be that you can tailor your CE to match your specific area of practice. Whether Infusion, Infection Control, Respiratory, Correctional Nursing, or just General nursing, we offer a variety of courses to suite your needs.

With any of the paths we have to meeting your CE above, you have 24-hour access to your course, can grade your test immediately on completion, and print your certificates at any time. You will always have access to go back to your course after you complete it for reference purposes.

Have any additional questions? Let us know in the comments below or contact support@pedagogy-inc.com
Posted: 11/2/2016 12:25:19 PM
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