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Take Three Minutes to Learn a New Way to Communicate

Unfortunately, many nurses working in our settings deal with incivility, disrespect, or even open hostility on a regular basis. The fragmented nature of correctional healthcare and the need to collaborate and negotiate care among a number of diverse disciplines contribute to communication difficulties.

If you work in a hostile culture, you can’t always change it, but you can change the way you interact in the environment and how you respond to direct hostility. Watch this Three Minute Video to learn about using the DESC (D-E-S-C) Conflict Management Script. Each letter denotes a part of the communication.

D is Describing the problem situation

E is Expressing your concerns about the action or situation

S is Suggesting other alternatives and Seeking agreement

C is stating the Consequences and striving for Consensus

What do you think? Could D-E-S-C communication work in your setting? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

This post originally appeared in CorrectionalNurse.Net

Guest post by Dr. Lorry Schoenly nurse author and educator specializing in the field of correctional health care. She has written 6 continuing education courses especially for the Correctional Healthcare Campus.

Correctional Healthcare Processes
Safety in the Correctional Setting
The Correctional Healthcare Patient and Environment
Medication Administration in the Correctional Setting
Risk and Documentation in the Correctional Setting
Special Issues in Corrections

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Posted: 2/28/2017 11:26:27 AM
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