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Guide to Peripheral IV and Central Venous Access Device Site Protection Products

Specific patient populations such as pediatric, elderly and those with cognitive impairments are at higher risk of accidental catheter dislodgement or patient removal of the device. Site and line protection methods should be utilized to prevent loss of vascular access.  All patients with a vascular access device may need temporary water and contaminant protection to facilitate activities of daily living. Any protection device chosen should permit visual inspection and assessment of the vascular access site, vascular pathway and not cause circulatory, skin or nerve impairment.

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Guide to Peripheral IV and Central Venous Access Device Site Protection Products

Peripheral Site Protection

Pediatric Central Venous Access Device Protectors


PICC Protectors

Water Protection

Photo Product
Disposable ShowerSoc Website
Disposable ShowerSoc Video
LiquaShield.jpg LiquaShield® Website
LiquaShield® Instructions
DryPro.jpg DRYPro Website
AquaShield-PICCGuard.jpg AquaShield PICCGard Website
Sealtight.jpg SEAL TIGHT Protector Website
Shower Shield Website

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