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Geriatric Continuing Nurse Education Requirements for Texas Nurses

Announced in the April 2014 Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin, all nurses that provide nursing care to any patient or patients who are older adults must complete 2 contact hours of continuing education relating to the care of this patient population. 

The content of the course must include information about elder abuse, age related memory changes and disease processes, including chronic conditions, and end of life issues. Other content, such as information related to health maintenance and health promotion of the older adult or geriatric populations,
maybe included.


From the July 2014 Texas Board of Nursing Bulletin clarification of what types of practice settings and who needs to complete the older adult or geriatric continuing nurse education was answered in scenario examples.


“First example: An occupational health nurse has employees ranging in age from teenagers to the oldest work of age 75. Literature sources use various ages to identify the older adult or geriatric populations with age ranges from 50- 75 years of age: therefore the occupational health nurse would be required to complete the geriatric continuing nursing education each licensure cycle.

Second example: A school nurse is often called upon to assist employees, parents and grandparents of school children. Some of the grandparents and possibly some of the school employees might be considered older adult or geriatric, thus the school nurse’s nursing practice would include older adults or geriatrics and the school nurse would be required to complete the geriatric continuing education requirement.

Third example: A nurse working in a neonatal intensive care unit in a hospital may not be required to provide any nursing practice related to older adults or geriatric patients due to other resources available in the hospital. As long as the nurse’s practice does not include older adults or geriatrics, the nurse would not be required to complete the geriatric requirement.

Fourth example: A registered nurse doing telephonic case management providing patient education and/or counseling and/or telephonic triage services over the telephone for patient of all ages including older adults and geriatric populations is practicing nursing and is required to complete the continuing education related to the older adult or geriatric population.”

Pedagogy Education has just released a continuing education course written to fulfill the requirements of the Texas Board of Nursing.  Nursing of the Geriatric Patient has been designed to promote optimal geriatric patient care by providing current concepts that uphold safe nursing practice in this patient population. This course is applicable to all nursing practice settings in which elderly patients are served. This course provides 2 contact hours of continuing education and is accredited for nurses in all states and meets the continuing education requirements set forth in the Texas Board of Nursing Rules. These rules state that all nurses whose practice includes older adults or geriatric populations must complete at least two contact hours related to the older adult or geriatric care every licensure renewal cycle. These contact hours are included in the required 20 contact hours per licensure renewal cycle per the Texas Board of Nursing. 

You may click on the course title above to obtain additional details, course curriculum and to purchase and begin your education.
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