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Penalties Needed For Nursing Homes With High Re-Hospitalization Rates

Skilled nursing facilities with above-average rehospitalization rates should be subject to the same penalties hospitals face under the Affordable Care Act, one provider group said Wednesday. According to The Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care, the ACA tackles the issue of costly hospital readmissions by focusing on hospitals, but ignores skilled nursing facilities. The Alliance has therefore proposed an interim solutionbased on proposals the Obama administration has offered the "Super Committee."

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NO DOUBT….. LTC facilities will face penalties for not reducing hospitalizations!! Pedagogy believes that, in addition to working with facility medical directors and nurse practitioners, a key solution lies with their own staff nurses who are trained to observe, recognize and treat certain conditions; those that would typically send a resident back to the hospital. Pedagogy offers education to provide those beneficial skills for your nurses. With knowledge of all things infusion related, our online courses provide real training and knowledge to prepare your nurses for these higher acuity residents—and prevent needless admissions to acute care facilities.

Courses such as:

•Hypodermoclysis for re-hydration
•Basic IV fluid and antibiotic administration
•Prevention of catheter related blood stream infections
•Management of central venous catheters
•Administration of inotropic therapies for the treatment
 of chronic heart failure
•Transfusion Therapy

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