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POWERWAND Midline IV Catheter - Over 20,000 Catheter Days with Zero CRBSI

Access Scientific announced today that its POWERWAND™ midline now has over 20,000 catheter days of published scientific data without a single catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI).

This follows publication of a groundbreaking POWERWAND study—which has captured the attention of the infection prevention community--in the March 2017 issue of Journal of the Association for Vascular Access (JAVA).

Evidence of the POWERWAND's consistently superior performance has now been demonstrated across five peer-reviewed, published studies and seven scientific posters. Results from the accumulated evidence base of 20,000 catheter-days shows the POWERWAND to have zero bloodstream infections (BSIs), superior blood drawability, and the lowest total complication rate and highest completion-of-therapy rate of any vascular access device on the market.


The most recent study in JAVA is titled Vancomycin Administration Through a Novel Midline Catheter: Summary of a 5-Year, 1086-Patient Experience in an Urban Community Hospital. It examined more than 8,000 catheter-days using the POWERWAND for the long and short-term administration of vancomycin. In addition to zero reported bloodstream infections, there were also no reported cases of deep vein thrombosis or extravasation. The total complication rate of only 2.7% is far lower than any other vascular access device.

POWERWAND is made of a unique catheter material (ChronoFlex C®) that, when coupled with Access Scientific's proprietary manufacturing processes, produces a catheter capable of outperforming the competition.

"The compendium of evidence attesting to POWERWAND's superior performance is remarkable," said Jeff Goble, CEO of Access Scientific. "POWERWAND's proprietary material and manufacturing process has no equal among other catheters. POWERWAND is truly the evidence-based, best-in-class catheter of its kind."

About Access Scientific, LLC

Access Scientific is dedicated to the development and commercialization of breakthrough, proprietary devices that make vascular access safer for patients and reduce the cost of care. The company pioneered the power-injectable midline market with the POWERWAND™. Made of proprietary ChronoFlex™ C, the POWERWAND midline is the proven, evidence based, best-in-class, with over 20,000 catheter-days of published scientific data attesting to the lowest complication rate and highest completion-of-therapy rate of any vascular access device ever studied. The POWERWAND offers a unique approach to reducing hospital-acquired infections. Visit www.accessscientific.com to learn more.

Original article by Business Insider.

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