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Short Antibiotic Courses Safer for Breathing-Tube Infections

Short courses of antibiotics appear to be just as effective as longer ones, and much safer in the long run in the treatment of respiratory infections in children with breathing tubes. In the study's analysis of 150 children treated with antibiotics for respiratory infections while on a ventilator, longer antibiotic courses did not only fail to confer extra protection against full-blown pneumonia when compared with shorter therapy, but also considerably increased a child's risk for developing drug-resistant infections within a month.

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Tracheostomy Care for the Sub-Acute Care Setting

Tracheostomy and ventilators can make even the most seasoned healthcare practitioners uneasy. For many RN's, LPN/LVN's, and CNA's working in skilled nursing facilities, these patients will provide a new challenge and demand that they develop new skills. This course aims to take the mystery out of tracheostomy care. The latest technological advances for tracheostomy tubes will be reviewed. Nurses will earn 3.5 contact hours with successful completion of this course.
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