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Plasma Donations for Treating COVID-19

Plasma collected from recently recovered individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 is being used as an experimental treatment for seriously ill COVID-19 patients who are not responding to other treatments.

It is not certain at this time whether this treatment will be effective for COVID-19, but it has shown some promise when used similarly for other infections in the past. These plasma units are called “convalescent plasma.”

Carter BloodCare is participating in the collection of such convalescent plasma units in our community. Individuals donating these units must be enrolled in our special program and an appointment then scheduled at a dedicated donation site. We do not collect these units at any of our routine Carter BloodCare mobile drives or community blood donation centers.

To be eligible to donate convalescent plasma, an individual must:
Are you a potential donor who has had COVID-19 and are fully recovered?

Thank you for your interest in donating convalescent plasma for currently ill COVID-19 patients. This is another way you can help save lives in your community. If you are approved and selected to participate in this investigational program, you might be able to donate your plasma every 14 days. Do not make a donation appointment through our website, mobile app or by walking into a donor center. Please complete this form to demonstrate your willingness to participate and you will be contacted by a Carter BloodCare representative.

Click here to fill out the donation form.


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