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Good Shepherd Healing System Stops Dementia in It's Tracks

The GSHS is a first in its ability to STOP Alzheimer’s and dementia in their tracks by offering optimal health to individuals living with either of these conditions. The Good Shepherd Healing System™ (GSHS) may be a game-changer for Alzheimer’s and dementia. In a small study, all participants achieved remission. The GSHS is a first in its ability to STOP Alzheimer’s and dementia in their tracks by offering optimal health to individuals living with either of these conditions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017 is developing a Global Dementia Observatory (GDO) to help countries around the world strengthen their health-care systems to adequately offer support to the millions living with dementia and their families (see goo.gl/VqS1Yx). The estimate cost of dementia care is estimated at US$ 604 billion annually (see goo.gl/VqS1Yx).

“Results of working with GSHS requires that I start to make you aware of this service for you and possibly someone you love. I remain in AWE as well as the staff of where my wife is [living based on] the progress she has made in a month! She is the talk of the place.” ~ Gary Sinclair, mymemorymakeover.com, FACEBOOK post on February 27, 2017.

The mission of the International Caregivers Association (www.icareassoc.com) is to change the course of dementia care. Our small, privately funded study demonstrated the GSHS, energy medicine, may hold a key to achieving relief of symptoms and remission of a patient's recovery from Alzheimer's and dementia.

Alzheimer's and dementia is considered an irreversible, progressive disease by the medical community and the Alzheimer's Association. This case study is the first in a series that demonstrates that it is indeed possible to achieve remission of Alzheimer's and dementia (also see goo.gl/BXiwM6). It is promising news in the field of dementia, however more studies must be conducted using the GSHS.

Dementia research is certainly important and needs to continue. Much like Jeff Bezos at Amazon.com is recognized as a game-changer for his leadership, I, along with Richard Rankin, DC, discovered the game-changing power of remission in dementia in a small study that ended in June of 2016.


In the fall of 2015, I received a call from a friend in Canada who was receiving treatment at a distance working with Dr. Rankin. Her words were “I think you should talk to Dr. Rankin. He can help your husband. His work is remarkable.” My husband, Major Larry S. Potter, USAF Retired, was diagnosed in 2003 with vascular dementia, and more, following his triple bypass in the fall of 1999.

On the same day I picked up the phone and called Dr. Rankin to discuss this matter further and perhaps even set him straight about helping with my husband’s dementia. I really did not know what he would say when I dialed his number.

To my great surprise and awe, after a few hours on the phone I proposed a small study of individuals living with dementia. These patients were invited to participate with very little evidence of success, since no such study had ever been done. The GSHS is a new perspective on healing.

Participants who volunteered to be part of this study were from different geographic areas. Their diagnoses varied from Alzheimer’s and frontal lobe dementia to vascular dementia. One participant was from France, one from the Caribbean, and the others were from different parts of the United States, East to West Coasts.

As serendipity has it, I wanted to discover a way to reduce my husband’s symptoms of dementia. After all, in 2010 and 2014 I was able to reverse his symptoms by following recommendations in Awakening from Alzheimer’s by S. Sarlin. However, each time the reversals did not hold.

Remission of Vascular Dementia: A Case Study

Larry had been diagnosed with vascular dementia on January 30th, 2003. His father, Buck Potter, one of 12 children born in Brainerd, Minnesota, also lived with vascular dementia. When researching a genetic cause for Larry’s dementia, it was discovered that 8 of 12 children in Buck Potter’s family had been diagnosed with dementia.

After moving Larry from one care facility to another in August of 2014, only a short 12-mile trip by ambulance, he closed his eyes and stopped moving for almost years. He was very much like a person in a coma: little to no eye movement, no clear speech except for moaning and the occasional yelp, and needing total care in his new facility. His neurological impairment was extreme in 2014 (see the list of symptoms below the photo of Larry).

The photo below is Larry Potter in 2015, prior to his remission:

Symptoms prior to remission:
  • Had to be primed to drink and eat
  • Inability to open his eyes and focus
  • Inability to sit comfortably or hold a sitting position in his wheelchair
  • Inability to speak (only moans and yelps)
  • Inability to feed himself or hold a drink
  • Inability to participate in any activity
  • Total care and in a sleeping position 24/7, whether in or out of bed
What Dr. Rankin was telling me on the phone on that late fall evening was nothing short of amazing. I gave him my complete attention and paid him to do the very first GSHS application on my husband that same evening. This was all done from Arkansas where Dr. Rankin lives and works. My husband, Larry, was in Maine, over 1,600 miles away.

About the GSHS

The GSHS is a new form of energy medicine delivered by a GSHS practitioner. It is delivered by voice command to a specific body system. For those living with dementia it is delivered to the brain and other body systems that are responsible for causing dementia (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc). The GSHS practitioner does not diagnose anyone. The person seeking GSHS applications always comes with their own medical diagnosis.

For the purpose of explaining how energy healing works, energy refers to anything that vibrates. Every vibration has a frequency, and vibrations are quantified by numbers. For example, voice and sound are two types of energy communication. When a dog whistle is used, the high-frequency sound it makes has meaning for a dog; however, humans are not able to react to the dog whistle because they do not hear it and therefore it does not have the same meaning for a human as it has for a dog. Although other research is ongoing in energy healing for dementia (e.g. at Harvard), the GSHS is the first approach to achieve remission in dementia patients.

The GSHS is designed to quickly identify the problems in the person living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, eliminate and neutralize those problems, and achieve optimal health for the individual. Because we believe that it is possible to ACHIEVE REMISSION IN ALZHEIMER’S, return meaningful living to millions of individuals living with dementia, improve their cognitive and physical abilities, and enable them to experience optimal health, the GSHS is now available to those who have a desire to STOP dementia from progressing and regain as much as possible, cognitively and physically.

“I got involved (in the GSHS study) because this was one that had no preconceptions of the disease. It involved the whole person. Not just the normal tau proteins and tangles… (GSHS) approached Alzheimer and dementia more as an auto immune disease, where the entire person needed to be treated. It covered the chemicals in the brain, blood, organs, emotions, physical being and the spiritual side of the individual. Well I finished my current involvement on 5/6/2016.
The conclusion is that I have a 25% improvement in my overall being. Here is what I can tell you. I have lost about 20 pounds. I am finally, after years, back to walking daily. For the first time, in how long, I actually use power tools. On Monday, I helped my daughter do something that I always enjoyed, we sanded down her oak dining table to get it ready to refinish it… I have more energy and do think a little clear[er], but still get confused and have problems getting things from my head to mouth… My writing is easier. The proof is in the pudding, as they say…” ~ Joe Potocny, Author of LIVING WITH ALZHEIMER’S, (goo.gl/ro1vPc )

Remission for Larry Potter

Needless to say, I could barely wait to visit with Larry the day following the first application of the GSHS by Dr. Rankin. I wanted to see for myself if the GSHS application had any effect on him. To my amazement and that of his care providers, his eyes were now wide open. He was able to look all around and focus on sounds, people, and events. With tears in my eyes I said, “Larry! I’ve been waiting here for you for so long. Welcome back!” He was present and looking straight at me for the first time in about two years.

The photo below is Larry Potter in 2017, taken after his remission:

Significance of Remission For Larry Potter: A Case Study

Larry gained the ability to:
  • Speak full sentences
  • Move, drink without assistance, and eat finger foods
  • Ask and answer questions requiring left-brain functions
  • Participate in and enjoy activities such as outings
  • Listen to and enjoy recorded books, especially the Harry Potter series
  • Take phone calls and FaceTime or Skype calls
  • Attend and participate in his own care-plan meetings
After his remission, Larry has been able to keep his eyes opened during his awakened hours. He also began to speak words, form sentences, ask questions, answer questions, shake hands with others, be coordinated with his hand and arm movements in the wheelchair, and much more. Time was on his side now. "To hear his voice again with the same intonation and feelings he used to have was nothing short of a miracle to me. I continue to be amazed at his daily progress." ~ Ethelle Lord


The GSHS is a visionary healing application that is a game-changer. No longer is there a mystery in what has been afflicting millions of individuals in every country around the globe. According to the World Health Organization in a 2012 report, dementia is a public health priority (see goo.gl/jg713).

The significance of remission in dementia and Alzheimer’s is immeasurable. There are cognitive and physical improvements we can measure; however, the emotional and spiritual benefits are different for every person and their family. Remission offers families who fear their loved one is “disappearing” before their very eyes due to their dementia an opportunity for them to “reappear,” live a better quality of life, and experience optimal health.

The high cost of dementia care is bankrupting every nation around the world. By introducing remission, costs are greatly reduced, since independence is often returned to the person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. They suddenly are able to start and finish a task without being supervised. Families are able to feel freedom from the anguish of watching their family member slowly lose language and physical abilities.

The GSHS is a recent discovery (2016), and therefore more study needs to be done to see that improvements continue over time. Larry continues to make progress daily and it is expected that he will walk again in the future. Various care providers and family members have expressed their amazement at the progress he had made so far. The future remains bright knowing remission has changed the course of his dementia.

The next article will outline another case study of remission due to the GSHS. The International Caregivers Association continues to be a leader in dementia care and changing the course of dementia care.

The content provided by the author is offered on an informational basis only and as a service made available to those interested in achieving remission of Alzheimer or dementia. The information provided in this article applies to one participant only and does not address any other circumstances. Each individual is unique and each has a different optimal health measure. The Good Shepherd Healing System (GSHS) does not require any herbal or nutritional supplements, any special diet, or any physical activity. The GSHS does not cause unwanted side effects, death, or worsening of an existing condition as it uses energy to create optimal health in each individual.
Always consults with your physician first who is qualified to make a diagnosis and is also qualified to confirm any change in your condition following a GSHS treatment.

For more information on this article or to set up a GSHS consultation, please go to www.icareassoc.com or email the author at lordethelle@gmail.com.

Original article by Ethelle Lord, M.Ed., DM on LinkedIn.


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