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Campus News
Long Term Care & Home Health Campus News
  • 7/20/2020
    Plasma collected from recently recovered individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 is being used as an experimental treatment for seriously ill COVID-19 patients who are not responding to other treatments.
  • 7/14/2020
    In partnership with PICC Infusion Care Company LLC (PICC), Pedagogy is now able to offer the hands on experience and skill validation in person at your facility, hospital, doctors office, clinic any healthcare organization that requires their staff to have IV education/certification.

  • 7/12/2020
    While the pandemic continues, a new study points to blood type as a potential way to help determine just how severe the coronavirus infection will be to a certain case or person.
  • 7/12/2020
    A research team has discovered that metformin, the most widely prescribed anti-diabetic drug, causes sugar to be excreted in the stool.

    Taking advantage of the new bio-imaging apparatus PET-MRI, they revealed that metformin promotes the excretion of blood sugar from the large intestine into the stool. This is a completely new discovery that was not previously anticipated.
  • 7/12/2020
    A research team has found a small area of the brain in mice that can profoundly control the animals' sense of pain. Somewhat unexpectedly, this brain center turns pain off, not on. It's located in an area where few people would have thought to look for an anti-pain center, the amygdala, which is often considered the home of negative emotions and responses, like the fight or flight response and general anxiety.

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