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The American Nurse Project

I ran across a documentary film to debut during Nurses National Nurses Week, May 8th 2014. The film entitled A Carolyn Jones Documentary, The American Nurse, Healing America will be played in Digiplex Theaters nationwide with additional private screenings to be presented in Washington DC by the American Nurses Foundation.  If we can judge a film by its trailer this looks like it will be an extraordinary tribute to nurses in all walks of practice. The trailer features five nurses working in various healthcare settings.

Confronted with a U.S. population that is growing, aging and facing deteriorating health, these five fearless nurses serve on the frontlines of healthcare, navigating their patients through birth, death, prison, war and harsh poverty. The American Nurse explores some of the biggest issues facing America - aging, war, poverty, prisons - through the work and lives of these individual nurses. It is a documentary that will change how we think about nurses and how we wrestle with the challenges of healing America. Jason Short drives up a creek to reach a home-bound cancer patient in Appalachia. Tonia Faust runs a prison hospice program where inmates serving life sentences care for their fellow inmates as they're dying. Naomi Cross coaches patient Becky, an ovarian cancer survivor, through the Caesarean delivery of her son. Sister Stephen runs a nursing home filled with goats, sheep, llamas and chickens where the entire nursing staff comes together to sing to a dying resident. And Brian McMillion, an Army veteran and former medic, rehabilitates wounded soldiers returning from war. The American Nurse is an important contribution to America's ongoing conversation about what it means to care.

"The American Nurse" Official Theatrical Trailer from American Nurse Project on Vimeo.

From the American Nurse Project website they encourage our involvement with suggestions of how each of us may become involved and explains “Why it Matters”.

Why it Matters : At some point in our life each of us will encounter a nurse.  Nurses give us a powerful lens through which we can better understand life’s issues.  Aging and end-of-life care, bereavement services, and access to care for prison inmates, wounded veterans, the elderly and people living in poverty—these are the issues addressed in the film.  One of these issues probably affects your community. Take this film and use it to jumpstart a conversation about the issue.
Tips with how each of us may promote the documentary and become involved.
  • Attend a theatrical screening with your friends and colleagues.  See our screening locations here.
  • Host a screening. To do so complete this form.
  • Fundraise for your non-profit organization by hosting a screening. Copies of the American Nurse book are available for sale and the DVD is coming soon.
  • Join us on social media and share your stories.
  • Proceeds from the American Nurse Project benefit a scholarship for nurse education. Please join us in supporting the scholarship fund by contributing to the American Nurses Foundation: http://www.anfonline.org/Main/DonationCenter.aspx
I am really excited to see this documentary!  Please spread the word and explore hosting a screening. Wouldn’t this be an awesome way to celebrate National Nurses Week?

Pedagogy blog written by Capra Dalton, RN,CEO. 

Capra has more than 28 years of experience in infusion therapy and the instruction of licensed nurses in infusion therapy continuing education. Her experience comes from multiple infusion settings: acute care, ambulatory infusion centers, home infusion, long term care continuing education provider, and long term care pharmacy quality assurance consultant
Posted: 3/27/2014 11:42:03 AM
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