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5 Reasons You Should Consider Online Tutoring

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider seeking out Online Tutoring:

The most amazing thing about online tutoring is that it is extremely convenient. It’s convenient for the person seeking tutoring, and the person providing the lessons. It allows for more schedule flexibility, customization, and individualization. It offers the opportunity to study in the comfort of your own home – or pajamas! You don’t have to commute to get to your tutoring session, and you can choose whatever location or environment works best for you. My favorite part of online tutoring is that I don’t have to struggle with carrying all of my study materials with me from place to place. Instead, I can spend just a few minutes before each session setting up my desk and computer with the materials my clients may need, and then BOOM! – I’m ready to have some fun!

When engaged in online tutoring, the accessibility and ease of sharing resources becomes practically unlimited and effortless. Sometimes when tutoring clients in person, access to a computer is not an option. This often places great limitation on our ability to cover more material in the time we have together. When tutoring online, it is extremely easy to find resources and share them with the client. On the same hand, clients can easily share documents and materials with me so that I can better assist them.  To put it short, the accessibility to resources online is far greater than a book bag full of text and documents.

We all know that everyone learns differently. With online tutoring, there is more freedom to customize and individualize tutoring sessions. With traditional brick-and-mortar tutoring sessions, customization may become an issue. For the visual and audio learners out there, online tutoring typically works very well for them. Some tactile learners may need additional support, such as printable study material and the occasional in-person session.  Regardless of individual learning style, online tutoring offers more availability for customization of services to best meet your learning needs.

With the right kind of software, you can record, rewind, and review online tutoring sessions. Most common video chat apps and software come with recorders built into them. By utilizing this awesome feature, you can have a digital copy of each study session for later review. This is extremely useful when you have additional questions, or need further clarification. I can’t emphasize enough how important this feature is, and I am confident that you will find it extremely valuable as well.

One of my favorite things about online tutoring is how fun and personable the experiences are. When you’re meeting with someone in person, you feel obligated to dress a certain way, carry yourself in a certain way, etc. However with online tutoring, you get to focus solely on the learning experience rather than all that other stuff. In fact, I love when my clients come to my sessions comfortable and in their own skin. I believe that they feel less stress when they have the option of showing up to a tutoring session in sweats and fuzzy slippers, rather than a business casual outfit. This brings a sense of fun, relaxation, and relief that the tutoring focuses on the objective of teaching, rather than physical appearances and such.

So next time you are thinking that you’d love to find a tutor to help you study, make sure you seek someone who is willing to make it fun, personable, and individualized to meet your specific learning needs! To learn more about tutoring services offered here at The Nurse Speak, please visit thenursespeak.com/services today!

Best Wishes,

This Guest Blog article originally appeared on TheNurseSpeak.com 

Damion Jenkins RN, MSN is the founder and CEO of The Nurse Speak, LLC. - a nurse education and consultation services company and blog. He specializes in creating individualized tutoring plans that helps his students develop test taking strategies for success. He also offers consulting services for healthcare facilities desiring expert knowledge and understanding of professional growth and staff development principles, customer service and patient satisfaction strategies, improving nursing staff retention and job satisfaction, and workplace conflict resolution skills. His blog offers helpful tips, strategies, and discussion to enhance the nursing profession. Damion is also an adjunct professor for a local community college in the Baltimore City area, and teaches a variety of healthcare courses including: Nursing, Certified Nurse Assistant, Geriatric Nurse Assistant, Certified Patient Care Technician, IV Therapy, Phlebotomy, Certified Medicine Aide, and Nurse Refresher. With more than 20 years of customer service and leadership experience, Damion offers many resources and strategies for success that have been shown to improve the delivery of nursing care excellence. He has helped a variety of healthcare facilities create and maintain patient satisfaction committees resulting in improving survey scores and increased reimbursements, and he is often sought out to provide expert advice on how to positively impact workplace culture and job satisfaction among nursing staff.

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Posted: 2/27/2018 11:13:04 AM
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