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We are Having a FIRE SALE

The use of holiday decorations, such as Christmas trees, garland, electric lights and candles, can increase the incidence of holiday fires.

A fire can be an unpredictable and frightening event but a fire that occurs in a long-term care setting can completely devastate your residents, your facility, and your entire community.

Staff members, direct care workers, and health care providers in long-term care facilities play a critical role in protecting themselves and their residents. The better prepared you are, the safer you and your residents will be.

Following some simple fire safety steps can ensure a fire safe holiday and winter season:
  • Holiday Lighting: Inspect holiday lights each year for frayed wires, bare spots, and excessive wear or kinks before placing them in use.
  • Candles: Consider using battery operated flameless candles, which can look, smell, and feel like real candles. In most long term care settings the use of candles are prohibited.
  • Portable Space Heaters: When winter temperatures drop staying warm can be a challenge. Space heaters are not allowed in any area where residents reside. This includes bedrooms, dining and activity areas.  While space heaters may be allowed in certain areas of a facility it is a positive practice to prohibit the use of ALL space heaters anywhere within a healthcare facility.
Resident safety is your number one priority. Your residents and their families trust you to help protect them and to guard their safety…the safety of people who, in many cases, cannot help themselves. Educate yourself and stay aware of potential fire hazards. Take fire drills seriously and above all, stay calm and collected during an emergency situation so you can provide the best protection for yourself and your residents.

Surveyors are really starting to focus on emergency preparedness and deficiencies are on the rise. Written plans, training records and drills are being thoroughly reviewed by the surveyors. “Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices” is a practical online education course. It shows long-term care staff members and health care providers how to use proven techniques to prepare for emergency situations and to identify potential fire hazards. It also demonstrates preventive measures that help to minimize the occurrence of fires. This online inservice will explain the major causes of fires in long-term care facilities, what you can do to help prevent them, action steps to take when a fire does occur, and so much more.

It is recommended that the online course “Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices” is used for new employee orientation and completed by the rest of staff to help promote preparedness within a facility, as well as document completion of a comprehensive fire safety training program. 

Pedagogy is having a FIRE SALE this December. We are offering Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices, for your ENTIRE facility for the incredibly low price of $300! 

Order your staff's Fire and Life Safety education before December 15th and you will receive education for your entire staff for $225.00! We wish you and your staff a safe and happy holiday season!!

Getting Started!

The process is as simple as 1-2-3...In a matter of hours, you can be up and running and your staff can be on their way to quality education!
  1. Give us a call @ 903-871-2150 or email us at sales@pedagogy-inc.com and provide your basic facility information.
  2. Choose desired education and a list of names of participating staff.
  3. Complete payment for your order and start your education instantly!
Pedagogy blog written by Capra Dalton, RN. Capra Dalton is our CEO and author of Pedagogy online continuing education courses.

Capra Dalton, Registered Nurse, has more than 26 years of experience in infusion therapy and the instruction of licensed nurses in infusion therapy continuing education. Her experience comes from multiple infusion settings: acute care, ambulatory infusion centers, home infusion, long term care continuing education provider, and long term care pharmacy quality assurance consultant.

As the CEO, Capra is responsible for all operational aspects of Pedagogy, including education course content, author recruitment, and management. She is a member of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), the National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Services (NAPNES), and the Council of Practical Nurse Educators (COPNE), and presented at a recent Texas Health Care Association convention on “Nurses Meeting the Changing Needs of LTC Residents - IV’s and PICC Lines.” Capra received her nursing education from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

Capra has an avid interest in holistic healing, nutrition, herbs, and alternative therapies for the treatment of disease in humans as well as animals. She and her husband, Patrick, live near Tyler, Texas, with their two teenage daughters, three dogs, and a cat on a ranch complete with horses, chickens, vineyard, orchards, and a 4,000 square foot organic garden.
Posted: 12/9/2013 11:05:24 AM
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