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Career Opportunities in Correctional Nursing

In our search for Correctional Nursing news we have consistently come across  articles about new openings for nursing positions in Correctional Facilities around the country. 

MyCentralOrgan.com reported about 13 new nursing positions with their local Departments of Corrections. 

The Department of Corrections in New York also has several job openings for nurses all across the state of New York

The Reno Gazette-Journal announced that the Nevada Department of Corrections was holding it's first law enforcement and medical job fair including job openings and information about how to get started in Correctional nursing. 

Companies like Corizon who provide healthcare services for multiple correctional facilities across the country are also posting consistently with new job opportunities. 

It is certainly clear that there is a growing demand for qualified, quality nurses to fill these positions across the country. 

Pedagogy's Author Lorry Schoenly is committed to providing industry leading Correctional Nursing continuing education courses. Her website, CorrectionalNurse.net is a valuable resource for any nurses who already practice in the Correctional setting or for anyone who is looking at making the change to the specialty focused on providing healthcare for those incarcerated in jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities. 

Click on the course names below to learn more about all of Lorry's Correctional Nursing Courses: 
Know about any other upcoming Correctional Nursing positions or job fairs? Have questions about getting started in Correctional Nursing? Let us know in the comments below!
Posted: 8/9/2016 11:21:09 AM
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