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As we are all navigating through the uncertainties of COVID-19 and how this global pandemic is reshaping our day-to-day lives, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, scared and even helpless at times. Some of us may feel angry. Some of us may feel fearful. Many of us are hanging in limbo wondering – “What’s next?” We have many questions. Lots of things to figure out. So, where do we start?

In uncertain times like these, we could all use some extra motivation, inspiration and guidance - and that's what I want to provide for you!

First, I want to recommend limiting the amount of COVID-19 news and negative posts on social media that you read. Being bombarded with tragic stories, one after the next, does not help us to focus on the blessings that we have right in front of us. Also, too much negativity most certainly distracts us from focusing on what we can personally do to make things better for ourselves and our family.

So to help you better cope with everything that's going on, here are a few simple, yet effective tips to reduce your stress during the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Read more books (or start reading)
  • Exercise more (or start exercising)
  • Learn a new skill (or reconnect with an old past-time or hobby that has been lost due to the "business" of life)
  • Spend more quality time with your loved ones
  • Do whatever gets you in a good mood!
When you focus on what you can personally control and shift from a mindset of fear to that of love, your mood will improve. With a new perspective that is more positive, you will become more empowered, more productive and less stressed during these crazy times!

Additionally, many of my clients, friends and family have been wondering how all of this has been affecting the NCLEX, Testing Centers and New Graduate Nurses. Click on the link for an update for TEMPORARY CHANGES TO THE NCLEX:

The NCSBN and Pearson Vue have been working diligently with local government agencies to keep NCLEX testing available for PN and RN candidates. In order for Pearson Vue to comply with local agency mandates, they have been able to keep 134 out of approximately 300 testing centers open with limited testing availability.

In keeping with CDC guidelines for social distancing, infection control protocols and local agency mandates to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the following changes have been made:
  1. More than half of the testing centers have been temporarily closed. In order to determine if a testing center near you is closed, you must log in to your Pearson Vue account and see if there are available testing times at the center of your choice. If there are no times available, then that means that center is closed.
  2. The testing centers have reduced how many people can be in the building at once - being sure to maintain a six-foot distance between each candidate. They have also implemented high-touch disinfection protocols and are allowing candidates to wear face masks and gloves during testing. Please note that all candidates must be able to remove the mask long enough for a full-face photo, but may wear a mask the rest of the time while in the testing center. Peason Vue has emphasized that they will NOT be providing PPE, however candidate can wear their own.
  3. All candidates will have to sign a declaration of wellness (stating that you are symptom-free) before you are allowed to test.
  4. The NCLEX has made some changes to the minimum amount of questions that need to be answered, the maximum amount of questions that can be answered and the time allowed to complete the test. These changes have been made to be the same for the PN and RN exams.  Click here for a list of these changes.
  5. Please note that the difficulty level will remain the same.
  6. The way the computer determines pass/fail will remain the same.
Key Facts:
  • The only thing that has changed is the number of questions you must answer, the total you are allowed to answer, and the time allowed to complete the exam.
  • Both RN and PN tests will be exactly the same in regards to the minimum amount that needs to be answered, the maximum amount that can be answered and the total time given to complete the exam.
  • All sample or research questions have been removed from the NCLEX at this time.
  • These changes are TEMPORARY to best manage the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Click here if you have any questions or want to review the presentation that the NCSBN and Pearson Vue provided.

Click here to check out my latest blog post that discusses how The Nursing Process can be used to help nursing students make the best of their current situation!

Also, to learn more about how I can help you develop strategies for NCLEX success, please visit thenursespeak.com  or book your sessions today by clicking HERE .

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Until next time - stay safe, stay home and wash your hands!

Blog by Damion Jenkins
The Nurse Speak

Damion Jenkins RN, MSN is the founder and CEO of The Nurse Speak, LLC. - a nurse education and consultation services company and blog. He specializes in creating individualized tutoring plans that helps his students develop test taking strategies for success. He also offers consulting services for healthcare facilities desiring expert knowledge and understanding of professional growth and staff development principles, customer service and patient satisfaction strategies, improving nursing staff retention and job satisfaction, and workplace conflict resolution skills. His blog offers helpful tips, strategies, and discussion to enhance the nursing profession. Damion is also an adjunct professor for a local community college in the Baltimore City area, and teaches a variety of healthcare courses including: Nursing, Certified Nurse Assistant, Geriatric Nurse Assistant, Certified Patient Care Technician, IV Therapy, Phlebotomy, Certified Medicine Aide, and Nurse Refresher. With more than 20 years of customer service and leadership experience, Damion offers many resources and strategies for success that have been shown to improve the delivery of nursing care excellence. He has helped a variety of healthcare facilities create and maintain patient satisfaction committees resulting in improving survey scores and increased reimbursements, and he is often sought out to provide expert advice on how to positively impact workplace culture and job satisfaction among nursing staff.

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Posted: 4/19/2020 2:19:37 PM
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