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Facility Infusion Continuing Education Membership

Infusion Facility Continuing Education Membership

This membership is available to facilities with 5 or more staff members that require education. Purchased on a per seat basis, courses are loaded into your facility dashboard and available for assignment one year from the purchase date. Facilities have access to our proprietary Learning Management System that allows you to set education plans, run reports, automatically send emails to management and staff on education progress. You are in complete control of your staff’s education goals. These infusion courses represent education required for facilities and agencies admitting the high acuity infusion resident or client so often seen in the post-acute care environment of today. Your staff’s preparedness to confidently care for these technically challenging infusion patients is a highly marketable asset. Your staff’s IV capabilities can set you apart from other post-acute care providers in your geographical market – making your facility or agency the trusted and preferred provider for your referral sources.

IV Certification bundles and state specific IV certification courses for LPN’s/ LVN’s are not included in this CE Membership. For facilities that purchase any membership, you may purchase the IV Certification courses and packages at a 40% discount.

Click on each course title to view course description, objectives and curriculum. All courses are accredited for license professional contact hours and accepted in all states.


Included Course Titles

All About Gamma Globulin
Caring for Patients with Bleeding Disorders
Combating CLABSI
Current Concepts in Chemotherapy
Diabetes Management and Insulin Pumps
Effective Blood Collection - Phlebotomy
Goal: Zero Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections
Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment
Inotropic Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Congestive Heart Failure
Intraosseous Access Devices
Intravenous Antibiotics: Where We Are and Where We're Going - Antivirals
Intravenous Antibiotics: Where We Are and Where We're Going - Additional Classifications
Intravenous Antibiotics: Where We Are and Where We're Going - Antifungals
Intravenous Antibiotics: Where We Are and Where We're Going - ß-lactams
Intravenous Antibiotics: Where We Are and Where We're Going - Glycopeptides
Iron Infusion for the Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia
It's All About PICCS
It's All About Ports
IV Push Medications
Moderate Sedation
Peripheral and Central Venous Access Device Review 
Prevention and Management of Intravenous Extravasation
Reducing Hospitalization with Hypodermoclysis
Total Parenteral Nutrition in the Adult Patient
Transfusion Therapy in the Adult Patient

All courses are approved for continuing education contact hours for nurses in all states. Courses may be taken by any healthcare discipline, please refer to your board for acceptance of  continuing education contact hours.

IV Certification Courses and Packages are not included in the Infusion CE Membership. For those that purchase the Infusion CE Membership you may purchase IV Certification Courses and/or IV Certification Packages at a 40% discount.

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