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Return on Investment

There are many factors to consider regarding the costs of traditional classroom education.  Below is a cost saving analysis or Return on Investment (ROI) for using Pedagogy online training for one course.

These are general costs associated with sending one staff member to a 2 day off-site education class (estimated):

Item Cost
Cost of Traditional Site Class $80
Wages of Participant $384
Staffing Coverage $384
Registration/Coverage Scheduling Time $24
Total $872

*Additional costs of mileage, meals, and hotel reimbursement not included.

Now Consider A Comparison

Provide your staff with an online class(es) at $120. 

This would be a saving of $752 per person!

You could train 7 staff members for the price of ONE.

A staff of 24 nurses educated in the traditional classroom setting at $872 each, comes to a budget line item for education of $20,928.

Pedagogy has the potential to save your facility.... $18,048!

Your staff does not miss shifts—NO hassle of scheduling a replacement for the time that would be spent in a classroom. No classroom time on the staff’s day off.

The course may be reviewed at their own pace from ANY computer or tablet device with an internet connection, at home or in the facility.

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