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Individual Annual CE Membership

Contact Hours: 71
Cost: $ 79.00
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Our Individual Annual CE Membership provides you with access to any of the following courses for up to a year. Over 70 contact hours at a one time cost of $79.00, purchased individually the courses would cost over $700.00!

You may take as many of the courses as you can complete while your membership is still active. Courses may be taken in any combination and order that suits your schedule and needs.  

Our continuing nursing education courses are accredited by the California Board of Registered Nurses, the Georgia Board of Nursing, and the Florida Board of Nursing. All states recognize our courses for accredited continuing nurse education contact hours.

Course Name Contact
Course Name Contact
 A Holistic Approach to Gut Health 1.00  Nutrition and Hydration 1.50 
Addressing the Spiritual and Cultural Needs of Clients 1.50  Nursing of the Geriatric Patient 2.00
Advanced Bladder Management  1.00 Prevention and Management of Medical Errors 2.00
Allergic Rhinitis  1.00 Preventing Falls 2.00
Antipsychotic Medications in Dementia Care  1.00 Probiotics 1.50
Blood and Body Fluid Spill Management 1.00 Problem Solving Strategies in Dementia Care 1.50
Bloodborne Pathogens 1.00 Respiratory Assessment in the Elderly 1.00
Cardiovascular Assessment in the Elderly 1.00 Respiratory Management for Nurses 1.50
Care of Adult Patients with Enterostomy Feeding Tubes 1.00 Safe Patient Handling - Proper Body Mechanics, Positioning, Lifts and Transfers 1.50
Caring for People with Fall Risks 1.00 Sepsis 1.00
Communications in Healthcare 1.00 Skin Care for the Elderly 1.00
Diabetes: An Introduction 3.50 Social Media Rules for Nurses and Healthcare Providers  1.00
Diagnosing Dementia 1.00 Stress 101 1.00
Ebola: Beyond the Hype 1.00 Stroke: An Introduction 2.00
Elder Abuse Prevention and Reporting 1.50 The Fall Prevention Care Process 1.00
Elimination and Toileting 2.50 The Standards of Care in a Nurse’s Self-Care 1.00
Essential Oils for Health 1.00 Therapeutic Diets: An Introduction  1.00
Facts About Falls  1.00 Thyroid Gland Overview 1.00
Handwashing Responsibilities in Healthcare  1.00 Treatment of Dementia 1.50
Healing the Healer 1.50 Understanding the Leader in You 1.00
Horticultural Therapy in Healthcare - A Therapeutic Treatment Modality 1.50 Video Series - Cardiac 1.00
Infection Control Practices in Healthcare 1.50 Video Series - Fluid and Electrolytes 1.00
Introduction to Dementia 2.00 Video Series - Neurological Conditions and Disorders 1.50
Managing Falls 1.00 Video Series - Pulmonary Diseases 1.00
Management of Norovirus in Healthcare Settings 2.00 Vitamin D Prevents Falls in Older Adults 1.00
Navigation of the Medication Reconciliation Process 1.50    

Your membership will be active for 1 calendar year from the date that you purchase it. You will receive an email on the date that your membership expires with instructions to renew if you would like to renew. 

Once you have purchased your membership, click the "Go To Class" in the navigation bar above. There will be a box labeled, "Register for a New Class". Click the drop down menu. Any classes from this membership will be displayed with a "Subscription Included" icon next to their name. Click on the class name to learn more. If you would like to take the class at that time, click "Add to list" and the course will be added to your "Pending Class" list. 

If you are new to taking our CE courses we recommend taking our "How to Take Your Online Course" class that is pre-loaded to your dashboard. It will walk you through all of the steps and familiarize you with our dashboard.

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