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Helping Healthcare Staff Learn about Emotional Intelligence - EQ

Learn more about how you can help make healthcare "Heartfelt and Safe" !

Pedagogy Author Beth Boynton RN, MS, has been working on a new crowdfunding campaign to help create a free resource to help build awareness of Emotional Intelligence for healthcare staff.

Phase I:  Emotional Intelligence
Short Summary

We'll create a free online library for the healthcare workforce designed to promote emotional intelligence (EQ) and interpersonal skills!  There isn't much of this training in medical and nursing schools and the skills are essential for working together in teams and providing care that is heartfelt and safe! 

These alarming and pervasive problems can all be linked to difficulties with , ineffective communication, teamwork, & leadership!
  • Over 1100 preventable deaths in USA/per day associated with medical errors!
  • Occupational injuries to the healthcare workforce that are 30x the rate of construction workers!
  • A destructive lack of respect that runs rampant in many facilities!
Learn more about how emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are contributing to above problems and why improv is a perfect solution!

Just imagine:
  • Doctors and nurses listening!
  • Nurses, patients, and families speaking up!
  • The healthcare team working together extremely well!
  • Respect and compassion are in the air!
  • Care is heartfelt and safe (workplaces are too)!

The online Improvoscopy library will be full of resources designed to promote positive human interactions, (EQ in Phase I,  followed by, communication, teamwork, and leadership in Phases II-IV). 

Project backers will be helping to create A FREE website that all hospitals, nursing homes, clinics etc will have access to! 

When Phase I is complete,  doctors, nurses, administrative leaders everywhere will find lesson plans and teaching videos for 4-5 activities all geared towards building EQ!  (Links are to draft demos.) 

How will the money be spent?

In phase I, we'll get some healthcare professionals, improvisors, and trainers to become the Improvoscopy Players and gather for a full day of learning  improv activities that focus on building EQ. With some improv consulting input, I'll teach the group and have the process filmed. Once done,  I'll design lesson plans, and with help,  edit the film to bite-size learning moments.  We'll create and launch the website and 'VOILA' improvoscopy.com will be out there!

Magnitude of Impact

The positive rippling effect of improved emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills will have a huge and positive impact on patient safety, patient experience, workforce safety, and career satisfaction. 

Also, because healthcare professionals care for and work with the entire spectrum of human diversity,  positive human behaviors could reach deep into our social fabric in immeasurable and healing ways.

To help with this wonderful project, click here to view their project page.

Guest post by Beth Boynton RN, MS

Beth Boynton, RN, MS, is a nurse consultant, author, and teacher specializing in communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals and within organizations. She offers interactive workshops, leadership coaching, a ‘whole systems’ approach for culture change efforts, and a new method for building ‘people skills’ called ‘Medical Improv’. She has recently completed her second book, a core text called: Successful Nurse Communication: Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces, and Rewarding Careers which is scheduled to be published by F.A. Davis Publishing Co. Spring 2015. She writes about related issues at, “Confident Voices in Healthcare” blog. Her video, “Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety,” and blog have drawn audiences from all over the world. She is trained in the Professor Watson Curriculum for Medical Improv through Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She has one grown son who is works in India, loves improv, Zumba dancing, walking, and swimming, and lives in Portsmouth, NH.

You may view Beth's online continuing education course - 4 Essential Strategies that Promote Patient Safety. This is a 2 contact hour course that features Beth in 10 short video's designed to engage and teach the student.  This instructional continuing education course is designed for nurses who are in direct care or middle management positions in hospitals; long-term care facilities, and other frontline in- and out-patient practice settings.  Despite 15 years of national focus on improving patient safety outcomes, we continue to have staggering statistics involving preventable deaths, illnesses, and injuries that are due to medical errors. And because communication breakdowns and associated problems with inter-professional relationships have long been major contributors to these alarming problems it is imperative for nurses to develop skills and promote positive interpersonal dynamics. Respectful interactions and effective communication seem simple on paper, yet successful efforts to practice them in the field remain elusive.  In this course, students will examine patient safety statistics and root cause analysis data in order to understand the scope of the problem and how persistent issues with communication and human dynamics are interfering with providing safe care.  This foundation will provide the incentive to commit to exploring and practicing communication strategies that will help to solve them. A basic knowledge of assertiveness, listening, and emotional intelligence is required as students take a ‘deeper dive’ with Beth Boynton, RN, MS to develop their abilities to:  set limits, delegate tasks, and give and receive constructive feedback.

Posted: 4/7/2016 8:06:28 AM
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