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South Dakota State Board of Nursing

Scroll down to view State Board Contact Information, Continuing Education Requirements, and IV Certification Information. 
State Board of Nursing Contact Information: 
South Dakota Board of Nursing

South Dakota Board of Nursing
4305 South Louise Avenue, Suite 201
Sioux Dalls, SD 57106-3115

Telephone: (605) 362-2760
Fax: (605) 362-2768

Continuing Education Requirements: 
RN's - CE not required. 

LPN's - CE not required. 

IV Certification Information: 
IV Certification Information - 

Hourly Requirements for LPN IV Course State Board of Nursing Must Approve Course Special Course Requirements Course(s) Suggested for LPN IV "Certification" Special Provisions
Not Specified Not Specified A course is available with content outline on the board of nursing website.  "Basic Peripheral IV Therapy in Adults" and "Current Practices in the Management of Central Lines" LPN's who graduated during or after 2001 are IV certified when they graduate from LPN school. 

IV therapy is part of the basic role of the LPN.  The expanded role was repealed in 2000.  Since 2001, LPN nursing education programs have offered IV therapy as part of the curriculum.  Those who have not had IV therapy can be taught through in-service.  We have a module on our site within the "Nursing Education Programs' link.  Go to our website at www.doh.sd.gov and click on the 'site index' tab.  Click on Nurse Practice Act.  Search for the chapter "The Practice of Nursing"  ARSD 20:48:04 for the role of the RN and LPN.  The scope of practice for LPNs including IV therapy is in this chapter and the standards are ARSD 20:48:04:06 and 7.
Contact me if you need further assistance.

Nancy Bohr RN, MBA, MSN, FRE
Nursing Program Specialist
South Dakota Board of Nursing
4305 S. Louise Ave., Suite 201
Phone: 605-362-2770
Fax: 605-362-2768

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