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Missouri State Board of Nursing

Scroll down to view State Board Contact Information, Continuing Education Requirements, and IV Certification Information. 
State Board of Nursing Contact Information: 
Missouri State Board of Nursing

Missouri State Board of Nursing
3605 Missouri Blvd
P.O. Box 656
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0656

Telephone: (573) 751-0293

Continuing Education Requirements: 
RN's - CE not required.

LPN's - CE not required. 

IV Certification Information: 
IV Certification Information - 

Hourly Requirements for LPN IV Course State Board of Nursing Must Approve Course Special Course Requirements Course(s) Suggested for LPN IV "Certification" Special Provisions
30 hours theory and lab practice, and 8 hours clinical practice with one successful IV placement.  Yes 30 hours classroom 80% on exam 8 hours practicum + IV start May purchase "Venous Access and Intravenous Infusion Treatment Modalities " 2003 or may develop a course to submit for board approval. Students must take and pass a pretest over anatomy, physiology, asepsis and pharmacology. Not Specified LPN's who have graduated after February 28, 1999 are IV certified when they graduate. 

Intravenous fluids, administration requirements for practical nurses.

Division 2200 - State Board of Nursing
Chapter 6 - Intravenous Infusion Treatment Administration
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