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District of Columbia State Board of Nursing

Scroll down to view District Board Contact Information, Continuing Education Requirements, and IV Certification Information. 

District of Columbia Board of Nursing Contact Information: 
District of Columbia Board of Nursing

DC Health
899 North Capitol Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
2nd Floor

Telephone: (202) 442-5955
Fax: (202) 442-4795

Continuing Education Requirements: 

RN's - 24 Contact hours every 2 years. 

LPN's - 18 contact hours must include 2 hours for LGBTQ and 3 hours of HIV/AIDS

APRNs - Advanced Practice RNs include fifteen (15) hours of the required 24 hours in pharmacology for the license 2 year period prior to June 30th and  must be in the  applicant’s current area of practice

IV Certification Information: 

Hourly Requirements for LPN IV Course State Board of Nursing Must Approve Course Special Course Requirements Course(s) Suggested for LPN IV "Certification"  Special Provisions
Not Specified Yes Not Specified "Basic Peripheral IV Therapy in Adults" and "Current Concepts in the Management of Central Lines LPN's cannot infuse through central lines. 

Municipal Regulations for Practical Nurses

See page 18 of 25 section 5514.5

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