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Tuesday, February 11, 2014  
Pedagogy  |  Online Learning Systems
Pedagogy  |  Online Learning Systems

Recent Nursing Home Fires

The winter season can be a time of increased fire risk, and the importance of fire safety is something that cannot be ignored. Any fire is a frightening event for a community, but often a fire in a long-term care setting can bring grave consequences as the residents are often reliant on their caregivers to help get them to safety.

There have been two recent news accounts of devastating fires within long term care residences. Authorities said a Hereford Texas nursing home was evacuated after a storage closet caught fire.  The fire department has declared the blaze accidental believing the fire was caused by warm linens combusting.  The fire marshal reported “everyone is accounted for and everyone is safe”.  Damage from the blaze has left more than 60 nursing home residents displaced to neighboring long term care communities.

The second fire report comes from a community outside of Quebec, where 32 are beleived dead from the blaze.  The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but a lit cigarette is one of the many possibilities authorities are looking into. Many of the facilities residents had Alzheimer’s disease and used wheelchairs or walkers.  Witnesses reported residents calling out to fire fighters for help from window and balconies, but the fire was so intense there was little firefighters could do.

Resident and staff safety should always be our number one priority. Here at Pedagogy we are committed to helping make that priority more attainable.  Order Fire and Life Safety Practices education before April 15th and you will receive education for your entire facility staff for $225.00

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Campus News

Increasing Number of Falls Calls for Better Fall Prevention
Traumatic spinal cord injuries are on the rise in the United States and the leading cause no longer is motor vehicle crashes, but falls, researchers say. Dr. Shalini Selvarajah, a post-doctoral surgical research fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, said the rates of these injuries -- whose symptoms range from temporary numbness to full-blown paralysis -- were rising fastest among older people, suggesting preventing falls could significantly curb spinal injuries.

"We have demonstrated how costly traumatic spinal cord injury is and how lethal and disabling it can be among older people," Selvarajah, the study leader, said in a statement. "It's an area that is ripe for prevention."

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Latest Blog Posts

The Key to Burnout Prevention for Nurses
In 40 years specializing in stress and burnout, one thing is clear to me. Burnout is the result of people working in conflict with their deepest values.

Nurses have the capacity to work tirelessly and hard for years when they feel good about themselves and the value of their work. Working for prolonged periods with no personal satisfaction from the effort is a situation ripe for burnout. While physical stress is tiring, the spiritual stress of being out of harmony with your truth, your values, is devastating.
Posted: 1/13/2014 10:20:57 AM

Featured Author: Angil Tarach-Ritchey

  Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM is a national eldercare expert, best-selling author, speaker, consultant, and writes CEU courses for Pedagogy Inc. With over 30 years experience in senior care and advocacy Angil is very passionate about eldercare and is well respected in her field. Angil has written over 60 articles for various websites and publications, and has been featured or quoted in several articles. Her passion and expertise have led to being published in the Chicago Sun Times, Wellsphere, Maturity Matters, Medpedia, Vitamins Health, Pain Today, Aging Wisely, Medworm, National Senior Living Providers Network, Alzheimer’s New Zealand and several other publications. She has been featured in WE Magazine for Women; Women on a Mission, Life Goes Strong, His is Mine, Pedagogy Inc., You and Me Health Magazine, Faith Filled family Magazine, and more.  
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