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Tuesday, December 10, 2013  
Pedagogy  |  Online Learning Systems
Pedagogy  |  Online Learning Systems

We are Having a FIRE SALE

The use of holiday decorations, such as Christmas trees, garland, electric lights and candles, can increase the incidence of holiday fires.

A fire can be an unpredictable and frightening event but a fire that occurs in a long-term care setting can completely devastate your residents, your facility, and your entire community.

Staff members, direct care workers, and health care providers in long-term care facilities play a critical role in protecting themselves and their residents. The better prepared you are, the safer you and your residents will be.

Following some simple fire safety steps can ensure a fire safe holiday and winter season.

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Campus News

Researchers Calling for Increased Palliative Care Education for Nursing Home Staff
Nursing homes have lagged in the area of palliative care, and need to take a seat at the table, according to researchers in a Health Affairs blog.

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Integrating Palliative Care into Nursing Homes
Around a quarter of older Americans die in nursing homes each year, including nearly 70 percent of individuals with advanced dementia. 

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Latest Blog Posts

Holiday Tips for Busy Nurses
Although the holidays can be a challenging time for busy nurses, even the busiest nurse can create a special feeling this holiday season with a little forethought, flexibility and creativity.

Here are four ideas that can help.

1. Create the outcome you want. Vision the end of the season. Feel your joy and peace at creating the experiences you want to have for yourself and your family. Work back from the outcome to discover the actions that you can take to create that outcome. Be flexible and selective to get the holiday feeling you want. Example: If you have to work on the holiday, pick another day when everyone is available to celebrate together.
Posted: 12/2/2013 3:33:39 PM

Life and Death - A Balancing Act
I made up this story one morning while taking my not so little Gabriela of seven years to school. It goes something like this: “There once was a creature that lived in the waters next to a village. No one ever spotted it in its entirety, but some saw glimpses. While this creature never harmed anyone, those who saw some sort of “thing” convinced the rest of the villagers that the creature was bad and dangerous. Well, as time went on the creature took on worst titles, enough to cause the men to sharpen their arrows and pull out their guns. Then one evening they launched out into the woods to kill this evil creature. Once they arrived at the waters, the men waited and waited. Hours into the night one man spotted movement in the water. Some heard a sound like a growl. “There it is,” cried out one fellow. And the shooting began."
Posted: 12/2/2013 3:04:18 PM

Tis the Season to be Careful - Holiday Fire and Life-Safety Tips
The holidays can certainly be a wonderful time of year at skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and senior housing properties of all types. It is a much-anticipated season full of decorations and celebrations. During this joyous time, it is important for individuals and organizations to maintain a clear focus on safety-related matters and not to forget to use common sense and good judgment when transforming their properties into “Winter Wonderlands.” 

Here are some basic tips to remember:

Exits: It is imperative that all exits within your building are kept free and clear of any obstructions.  Items like holiday trees or “rearranged” furniture should never partially or totally compromise an exit or other parts of the means of egress. Do not let “seasonal design” impede on function or code requirements. Exits should always be maintained in a condition that is free and clear of any obstructions that may impede emergency evacuation and represent a code violation. Keep holiday decorations out of the means of egress to help ensure clear exit width requirements.
Posted: 12/2/2013 11:43:32 AM

Featured Author: Kevin Quiles

  Kevin Quiles, M.Div., M.A. has 15 years of hospice experience and over a decade of training in community service. He attained a Masters of Divinity Degree in 1995 and his Master of Arts Degree in Community Counseling in 2011. Having provided spiritual care to a religiously and culturally diverse audience, Kevin specializes on spirituality, spiritual growth and development, and spiritual counseling.  
  Fire Sale! 

Pedagogy is having a FIRE SALE this December. We are offering Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices for your ENTIRE facility for the incredibly low price of $300!

Order your staff's Fire and Life Safety education before December 15th and you will receive education for your entire staff for $225!

Contact us today today to take advantage of the FIRE SALE and cover your facility's Fire and Life education for the holiday season! 

Email - sales@pedagogy-inc.com
Phone - 903-871-2150
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