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Here are our policies for your review. These are periodically updated as needed to ensure that you are informed. Please take a moment to read each one thoroughly to ensure that you understand our policies in each of the areas below. Check back occasionally to see if any of the policies have been updated.

(The date represents the last time that policy was updated)
  • Privacy Policy - Explains how we protect your privacy, the information you provide Pedagogy and the various standards and practices that Pedagogy employs. (03/01/2020)
  • Refund Policy - Explains how purchases, refunds, and conditions are handled and applied. (03/01/2020)
  • Accuracy Policy - Pedagogy information and instruction accuracy is our top priority. This policy explains how we enforce accuracy and how you can help us ensure the best quality of information possible. (03/01/2020)

Links contained on our website, or in class material, to various pictures, videos, website pages, etc. do not constitute an endorsement by Pedagogy of any specific products or manufacturers. Their inclusion is for general educational purposes only, with the intent that our students become knowledgeable with a broad range of products used in typical clinical settings.
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