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There are many benefits for a facility or corporation, as well as, staff benefits with the use of on-line continuing education courses and inservice. With each facility purchase you receive use of our Learning Management System. This system allows the facility to set complete education plans and allows the monitoring of each staff's progress through education.  Pedagogy does NOT charge setup fees or have hidden charges. Our staff can get your facility online in a short amount of time and will walk you through the steps needed for your education plan all at no charge. Membership plans are also available for complete access to our libraries and additional savings.

Getting Started
The process is as simple as 1-2-3... In a matter of hours, you can be up and running and your staff can be on their way to quality education!

  1. Give us a call @ 903-871-2150 and provide your basic facility information.
  2. Choose desired education and a list of names of participating staff.
  3. Complete payment for your order and start your education instantly!

Staff Benefits
Pedagogy online courses are designed for staff to complete education in a time frame that accommodates their schedule. Courses may be taken in increments from any computer with access to the internet, from the comfort of their own home or within the work place.

Licensed nurses and administrators receive continuing education contact hours as Pedagogy Inc. is an accredited provider of continuing education through the California Board of Registered Nurses, and the Florida Board of Nursing.

See CLASSES for a complete online catalog.

Facility and Corporate Benefits
On-line training and education courses provide a tremendous cost savings to the employer. The obstacles, as well as, costs of conventional education are high.

  • On-line education provides the employer with:
  • Staff that does not have to travel long distances to receive education on a day off or after working the late shift
  • Compliance and documentation for state, federal and regulatory commissions that require nursing and staff education
  • No more juggling staff scheduling to allow nurses or staff to attend a traditional classroom education
  • The ability to educate more staff with less expenditure. See Online Training ROI, for examples of the amount of training cost that can be saved utilizing online education.
  • Ability to provide quality consistent education to your staff.
  • An educated staff is a statement of your commitment of providing quality care to your patients—a highly marketable attribute.
  • Staff has education and is prepared for state and regulatory surveys. Less tags, fees and fines.
  • Increase your census and revenue. Pedagogy education courses prepare your staff to care for higher acuity residents and prevent re-hospitalizations.
  • Create a complete online education program for new hires
  • Your corporate/facility policy and procedures may be displayed online (for your staff only)

Education Plans can be used to establish education criteria for your entire staff, and provide the tools to ensure your staff is current on education. Pedagogy has a broad range in Continuing Education and Inservice courses to cover your education needs. Pedagogy also offers Membership plans to accommodate your education budget and manage the bottom line costs of educating staff.

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