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Care Home Holds Mocktail Morning to Raise Hydration Awareness

Residents at a care home in West Sussex took part in a ‘mocktail morning’ with drinks which included ‘Faux Champagne’, a ‘Ray Rodgers’ and a ‘Shirley Temple, as part of the Hydrate in Care Homes pilot scheme.

Hydrate in Care Homes has been devised by the Kent-Surrey-Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSSAHSN) to improve hydration among older people living in residential and nursing homes.

The drinks were freshly made at Glebe House care home, with platters of fruit provided as another source of hydration.

Similar trials in Kent and Surrey care homes have seen improved hydration among residents, which also led to a decline in the amount of trips and falls, as well as lowering the chance of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Julie Levy, manager at Glebe House care home, said: “After hearing about the success of this scheme elsewhere I became interested in the idea of piloting it here at Glebe House. The mocktail morning was a huge hit with the residents and, as a result, we’re already looking into having a monthly ‘hydrate’ morning, whether it be with mocktails or other fun and interactive ways to increase hydration.

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It is increasingly important to find ways to raise patient and family awareness about hydration for elderly patients as we enter the warm summer months. 

Often an acute illness affects the ability of an elderly client or resident to keep up with the demands of sufficient water intake by mouth and rehydration via another means become necessary. Anyone who has attempted an IV catheter insertion on an elderly dehydrated patient is very familiar with the frustration and often the impossibility of the task. Due to the fact of very difficult cannulations on dehydrated individuals, we are seeing a resurgence of an old technique of rehydration called Hypodermoclysis or sometimes simply called “clysis”.

Clysis is cost-effective, easy to administer, and safer than intravenous rehydration, but many nurses, nurse practitioners and even physicians are unfamiliar with the therapy.  With the many advantages of this rehydration technique, it may be beneficial for facilities to take steps to educate their staff in this simple method of rehydration. 

Pedagogy is offering facilities a special summer discount on our course, Reducing Hospitalization with Hypodermoclysis, through the end of July. Facilities can educate their entire facility* on this hydration technique for $150.00. 

If you're interested in purchasing this course for your facility, contact us at sales@pedagogy-inc.com to place your order. 

*Up to 25 participants. 
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