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From New to ICU a Resource for Nurses

Nursing is a specialty that requires a great deal of education whether you are a nursing student or a registered nurse. From New to ICU is a website that is focused on helping nurses at all stages of their career! I am passionate about nursing and helping nurses to develop themselves as medical professionals.

From New to ICU is one of the most comprehensive nursing school information websites. It provides reviews of over 300 BSN, RN to BSN, and Second Degree Accelerated BSN programs. Information provided for each school includes prerequisite GPAs, admission tests, application information, etc. to help pre-nursing students find the right nursing program quickly. If this had been available for me, I would have made a much more informed decision about which BSN program I would have chosen. From New to ICU also acts as the liaison between future nursing students and the university counselors when there are questions about a particular program.

Finding the perfect nursing job can be a daunting task. From New to ICU has a  job board with positions available only for nurses, making the process as simple as possible. Search through thousands of nursing jobs in one convenient place.

While creating From New to ICU, I realized that there is a great deal of education that can be provided to nurses after completing their formal education. There have been many topics that I have needed more information on as I have grown as a nurse. Because nursing is a profession in which you are always learning, I decided to create a Nursing Basics section which discusses various nursing interventions in great detail. Some of these tutorials include inserting IVs, assessing chest tubes, administering medications, and much more! There are always tips and tricks to be learned from older nurses, so why not share them?

Lastly, the Nursing News section has a weekly article posted regarding a topic that is either nursing or medically based. Some of the most recent articles have been focused on types of BSN programs, interesting diagnostic cases, and even how to do a thorough head to toe assessment. Nurses can subscribe to these weekly postings if they want an interesting read!

From New to ICU is focused on developing our current and future nurses. Nurses are a very influential force in the healthcare industry. The need for nurses will continue to increase as our population ages. From New to ICU is the perfect website to help nurses with continuing their education whether it be to complete their BSN or simply learn how to better read an EKG.

Our guest post is written by Courtney, an experienced ICU nurse and the creator of From New to ICU. She enjoys helping nurses at all stages of their careers, from getting into nursing school, learning new skills, or even searching for their first nursing job!

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Posted: 2/18/2016 8:34:05 AM
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