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Living with MS and IV Therapy - How Do We Stop the Pain

Kaz Aston is a former nurse, London PR specialist and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) campaigner. She also has MS. Here she describes living with MS and IV therapy treatment.

"I was diagnosed with MS back in 1995 and since then my life has changed massively. One of the biggest impacts has been from my monthly IV therapy. Not only planning my work and social arrangements around it but also how the treatment affects my health and well-being generally.

One of my main concerns for myself and anyone else undergoing regular IV therapy is the impact this has on our veins. The more IV therapy you have, the worse your veins become and the harder it is for the person administering the treatment to find the right vein. In my experience, this results in repeat needle attempts which can become very painful and leave me with bruising on my arms which can make me feel self-conscious. I also know from a nursing perspective that you always want what’s best for your patient, so I find myself asking, ‘how do we stop the pain?’

That's why, when I came across the IV-eye, my ears naturally pricked up.
By using this simple technology, I can see that both patient and professional will feel reassured that even if veins aren’t easy to find using the traditional techniques, the added depth of visualisation that the IV-eye can achieve will result in a better experience all round.

"See the vein – stop the pain!"

Guest Blog by Novarix IV-eye
Posted: 10/14/2016 3:11:42 PM
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