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July 2015

The prison intercom crackles with the news of an emergency on Pod 7. Arriving with the emergency bag in tow, the nurse finds a crime scene in full swing. An inmate is hanging from a makeshift bed linen noose creatively tied around the upper bunk slats.
Posted: 7/29/2015 7:25:14 AM
Many departments of corrections have a hard and fast rule – no research involving inmates, no exceptions.
Posted: 7/22/2015 8:38:53 AM
A young woman in custody at a large urban jail has continuing abdominal pain over a 14 hour period. She is found unresponsive in her cell and rushed to the hospital where she is pronounced dead on arrival. Autopsy reveals a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Was this death avoidable?
Posted: 7/15/2015 8:48:42 AM
One of the “problems” with correctional nursing is that it is relatively unknown and isolated from mainstream nursing. 
Posted: 7/7/2015 1:06:26 PM
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