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Commentary in Compliance Today- Beware of Drug Lords Bearing Lunch

Read about the first criminal charges under HIPAA law. In the June 2016 issue of Compliance Today,  MyHIPAA Guide Publisher and Pedagogy Author Diane Evans, provides commentary on the recent case involving compliance issues. 

Click here to go to MyHIPAAGuide.com to download the full OpEd. 

Use of social media by healthcare employees is a real and true threat to healthcare organizations. Managers of healthcare offices and organization should have a firm understanding of HIPAA rules and regulations. To learn these rules consider taking Diane's online course here at Pedagogy:

Must-knows to Keep Patient Information Off Social Media –
If social media is your worst nightmare, your fears are real -- and shared by many in healthcare.  In a 2016 survey co-sponsored by the nonprofit Health Care Compliance Association, participating healthcare providers ranked social media as their #1 compliance concern.

Learn how to protect against patient information ending up on Facebook and other popular social media platforms. This course includes real examples of how breaches can and do happen.   For healthcare organizations, this is must-have knowledge. 

Indeed, everyone working around patient information needs to understand the basics of what constitutes a risk, and what kinds of behaviors are plainly unacceptable. Bad habits often pose the greatest threats.  When patient information and images get out, the culprits are likely in your working in your midst -- and nightmares come true.

This online continuing education course can help:
• Prevent violations of patient rights
• Create a culture of vigilance within an organization
• Save providers the cost of fines and settlements, often in 7 figures
• Identify potential HIPAA violations within an organization

While this course is accredited as continuing education for nurses and Florida nursing home administrators, it can benefit all who are in the position of performing HIPAA audits and maintaining HIPAA compliance:
Directors of Nursing
Human Resources
Assisted Living, Residential and Long Term Care Administrators
Healthcare Office Managers
Medical Records Managers
Healthcare Department Manager
Insurance personnel
Any person in charge of or maintaining patient information or records


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
1. Define Protected Health Information (PHI)
2. Identify the kind of daily carelessness that threatens PHI
3. Identify potential threats to PHI in an office setting
4.  Recognize risks and precautions for PHI in physical places
5.  List 3 methods of contributing to a culture of vigilance in protecting PHI


Chapter 1: Privacy & Security Regulations and Internet Challenges
Chapter 2:  Big Enemies in Carelessness & Neglect
Chapter 3: Assess Your Risks
Chapter 4:  Put Safeguards in Place
Chapter 5: Protecting Patient Information
Chapter 6: Conclusion
Chapter 7: Sources

For additional assistance in navigating HIPAA rules and regulation for your office or healthcare organization, look to Pedagogy’s Partner:  MyHIPAAGuide.com

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