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Nurse Aide, Caregiver and In-Service Memberships

Nurse Aide, Caregiver, Inservice Education Memberships

Our In-services are written to be informative, interactive and a fun method of delivering education to your Certified Nurse Aides (CNA's), Nursing Assistants, and Home Caregivers.  Take advantage of a complete library of in-services for your entire staff for a full year, at a price that is sure to represent big savings for your facility. For a yearly fee, you are able to educate your entire staff for the duration of the membership.

All staff members will have access to the in-service courses online, a great feature for when a staff member cannot be available for a live in-service presentation, or for the night shift, who find attending in-services during the day difficult. You staff may review the course online from any computer or tablet with an internet connection, answer our interactive review questions at the end of each chapter, then complete the final exam. Upon passing the exam with a score of 80% or better, students will complete an evaluation of the course and then can print a certificate of completion. For education courses that have a competency component, you will find our skill competency demonstration checklists at the end of the course, keeping your facility/agency in complete compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services education, inservice and competency requirements.

Take advantage of our Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver your in-services completely in an online format.  There is no charge for your facility LMS set up with the purchase of a yearly membership.  Our LMS allows management team members, complete overview of staff rosters, education progress overview of all staff members, add or delete a staff member, ability to print certificates of completion for staff, complete reporting capabilities, and the ability to assign education courses to staff.

Choose 12 course titles that fit your facility’s education needs, then choose the number of seats required based upon number of staff you typically employ.

You may click on each course title to view course description, objectives and curriculum. *denotes the course is accredited for licensed professional contact hours. 

Courses Available:

Course Titles

Alzheimer’s Disease and Falling: What’s the Connection
Blood and Body Fluid Spill Management
Bloodborne Pathogens
Care of Adult Clients with Enterostomy Feeding Tubes
Caring for People with Fall Risks
Communications in Healthcare
Elder Abuse Prevention and Reporting - Online Inservice
Elimination and Toileting - Online Inservice
Facts About Falls
Fall Prevention: A Best Practice Approach
Fall Prevention: Bed Safety
Fall Prevention: Bed, Bedroom, and Bathroom Safety
Fall Prevention: Fall Risk Monitoring Strategies
Fall Prevention: Guidance on Utilization of Low Beds and Floor Mats
Fall Prevention: Guidance on Utilizing Fall Alarms
First Aid
Handwashing Responsibilities in Healthcare
Human Trafficking
Healing the Healer
Healthcare Bullying Solutions
Infection Control Practices in Healthcare - Online Inservice
Introduction to Dementia
Massage and Compassionate Touch® in Dementia Care
Mindfulness in Nursing: Decreasing Burnout, Improving Outcomes
Nutrition and Hydration - Online Inservice
OSHA Hazard Communication
Positive Fire and Life Safety Practices
Preventing Falls
Problem Solving Strategies in Dementia Care
Reducing Medication Errors: A Focus on the Med Pass
Resident's Rights and HIPAA
Safe Resident Handling - Online Inservice
Skin Care for the Elderly - Online Inservice
Social Media Rules for Nurses and Healthcare Providers
Stress 101
The Fall Prevention Care Process
The Role of the Hospice Caregiver
The Spiritual and Religious Makeup of the Hospice Caregiver
Therapeutic Diets - An Introduction Inservice
Workplace Harassment

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